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     With the harsh competitive situation that dominates the global marketplace it is becoming increasingly important for business to utilise the potential offered by the global procurement markets. Global Sourcing by  Wisetec  gives you the means to harness regional price advantage for your company. You benefit from the innovations, creativity, growth, speed and excellent services that will help secure the market position of your company. 
   Wisetec  Sourcing services complement and represent your organization's Sourcing and Procurement activities. We provide your organization an effective, efficient and money-saving opportunity, and all without a major investment of your time or money. Our services, structure, methodology and people enable you to buy what you need more effectively and efficiently.
As a full service provider we handle all purchasing for our customers; we search all the key supply markets to source the materials you require at the best prices. We have comprehensive Market Surveys covering major commodities including PCB, Plastics (including tools),Computer,Power, Rubber, Metal (die cast, metal stamp, precision machining), Wound Component,Furniture, Contract Manufacturing & others.
    Ours is a comprehensive package of services, which covers your total sourcing & procurement demands. You get:

  • Access to new, strategic purchasing markets - with complete transparency
  • Maximized market potential
  • Optimized procurement processes
  • Professional supply management through local presence in all key markets.



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